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PhD thesis abstracts

To achieve its goal of strengthening the dissemination of research and in order to get to know the members of the community, the newsletter will feature abstracts of recently concluded PhD theses. If you are a member of ACM SIGMM and have successfully defended your PhD thesis in a field that is relevant to the SIGMM community in the past 6 months, or if you are a SIGMM member and you have supervised a student who has recently achieved this, you are invited to submit an abstract that briefly describes the work.

The following form is an email form. Pressing Create email is meant to open a mailtool and fill the body. For some people this doesn't work. If you're one of those people, we ask you to cut-and-paste this text instead and send it to

Name of the successful PhD candidate:

You are invited to attach a photo of the PhD candidate to your mail. This will be included in the HTML and PDF versions that are available on the web.

Title of the thesis:

Names of the thesis supervisor(s) or thesis opponent(s). Please state individual roles, as this differs widely:

Who is SIGMM member/are members?

ISBN number of the thesis:

URL for the thesis:

Brief description of the thesis for inclusion in the eNewsletter email (no more than 100 words):


Abstract of the thesis for inclusion in the eNewsletter web page and PDF version (no more than 800 words):


You can optionally provide a description of the research group that hosted the PhD candidate during his work on the thesis, preferably with an angle related to the candidate's work.

Name of the group:

URL for the group:

A description of the group. It is included in the eNewsletter web page and PDF version (no more than 400 words):